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Nairobi City
Nairobi City Tour (3 Hours)

Our adventure begins from our hotel. As we tour the city, we see the most interesting elements of Nairobi – Parliament buildings, Kenyatta International Conference Center, City market and 1998 US Embassy Bomb blast site in Nairobi.

The city begun in 1899, and grew as a central point for the Kenya – Uganda Railway. Nairobi comes from the Masai word, “Enkare Nyrobi” meaning the “place of cool water”.


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Nairobi Night Safari
Nairobi National Park Night Game Drives (2.5 Hours)

Nairobi National Park Night Game Drives are a more exciting way to spend a night in Nairobi. Nairobi National Park is completely different in the dark. The big cats come out to hunt and you will see animals you won’t see during the day.

It’s a completely different world. Lions sleep all day and hunt in the evening, most of the cats are active just before and after sunset and this is when we take our guests on night game drives.

With a spotter and a light we look and listen for the animals, it’s an amazing experience. Animal behavior is quite different at night so observing the animals in the dark is a big part of any safari.

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Giraffe Center - Nairobi Day Tour
Giraffe Center – Nairobi Day Tour

The giraffe center is a wonderful and refreshing experience undertaken during Tour Plus Connections excursion in Nairobi. The tour gives a completely up close and personal interaction where guests have the opportunity to view giraffes as well as feed them.

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya (A.F.E.W. Kenya) also known as the Giraffe Center is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization, which was founded by Betty and Jock Leslie-Melville in 1979.

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Karen Blixen Museum
Karen Blixen Museum – Kenya Tours (Nairobi Excursion)

Karen Blixen Museum is located on the outskirts of Nairobi on Karen road. Its history dates back to 1914, during the First World War, with the arrival of Karen Blixen from Denmark.

At the foot of Ngong Hills, Karen Blixen established herself as a farmer. After her departure in 1931, the suburbs retained the commemorative home of Karen. The Danish government donated the house, and the surrounding land to Kenya after independence.

The house was restored by the Danish government, and was used during the filming of “Out of Africa” which immortalized Karen Blixen’s book by the same name. The museum was opened to the public in 1986.

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Giraffe Centre
Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen Museum & Kazuri Bead Factory

Our tour starts at the Giraffe Centre, an elevated treetop aerie where we may hand feed giraffes, quite literally face–to–face. Established by Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville in 1979 as a sanctuary for the rare Rothschild giraffe, the Centre has a feeding platform where they exchange kisses with visitors for pelleted food.

Here a resident expert also presents a private briefing on the Centre’s work to save the endangered Rothschild giraffe.

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Kiambethu tea farm Nairobi
Kiambethu Tea Farm (Limuru)

Our tours takes us to Kiambethu Farms, a lush and lovely tea estate in the Limuru Highlands where we enjoy lunch hosted by Fiona Vernon, granddaughter of the original settler. Kiambethu still produces tea leaves of the same variety that her grandfather grew when he was the first to plant tea in Kenya almost one hundred years ago.

Established in 1910 by the first family to farm tea in Kenya, it has been home to four generations, including the original owner’s granddaughter Fiona Vernon and her husband Marcus, who now operate a lovely restaurant out of their home.

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bomas of Kenya
Bomas of Kenya (“Boma” is the Swahili word for homestead)

This tour focuses mainly on Kenya’s rich culture where the 42 different tribes of the country are exhibited through dance, songs and homesteads. At the Bomas of Kenya currently there are thirty seven (37) different traditional dances collected from different tribes of Kenya.

The tribal cultural shows start everyday from 2.30pm – 4.00pm and display tribal talent in music, dance, theatre/drama, fashion show, poetry/recitals, comedies, sports and games, exhibitions, seminars, beauty contests and body building.

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carnivore resturant Nairobi
Carnivore Experience (Lunch or Dinner – 2 Hours)

This tour takes you to dine at the world famous Carnivore Restaurant. Its heart is the barbeque pit, where an open flame roasts a wide variety of familiar and exotic meats – Kenya’s finest Molo lamb marinated in garlic, beef, spare ribs and chicken wings, as well as crocodile and ostrich, to name just a few.

The meats arrive table side on giant metal spears and are carved at your table. Year after year the Carnivore Restaurant has been voted as one of the top 50 best restaurants in the world.

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Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Animal Orphanage
Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Animal Orphanage
Daphne Sheldrick is a world–class conservation figure and the premier authority on the successful raising of milk–dependent infant elephant and rhino orphans. Daphne Sheldrick’s Animal Orphanage, can be only be visited for an hour every day between 11am and noon.

During this hour the baby elephants are brought out to play and to feed, and visitors can watch them from behind a rope. Wardens are on hand to explain the work of the orphanage and to answer any questions.

Private visit’s can be arranged with Tour Plus Connections at 1500 Hours for a cost of 550 US Dollars (1 to 4 Guests). The Private visit allows you to touch and feed the baby Elephants with fomulated milk.

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Nairobi national park
Nairobi National Park – Carnivore Restaurant lunch – Bomas of Kenya Cultural visit (Full Day)

Nairobi National Park is located approximately 4 miles (7 kilometers) from the city of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Species found in the park include buffalo, baboon, rhinoceros, zebra, cheetah, hartebeest, gazelles, hippo, leopard, lion etc.

A combination of wildlife game viewing with lunch break at Carnivore restaurant and a visit to Bomas of Kenya gives you a perfect blend of what Nairobi has to offer in a full day.

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Lake Nakuru national park
Lake Nakuru National Park (Day Trip from Nairobi)

Lake Nakuru National Park is situated approximately 100 miles from Nairobi, a two hours drive from Nairobi city.

The park is a sanctuary of rhinoceros and the Rothschild’s Giraffe and has a large reserve of over 300 species of birds, which make it an ideal site of bird lovers.

The main attraction here include thousands of Flamingo (Greater and Lesser), 56 different species of mammals, Waterfalls: Makalia among others.

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Tana river whitewater rafting
White Water Rafting on Tana River or Athi River (Full Day)

Just 60 Miles from Nairobi, the Tana River offers an exciting day of White–Water thrills (and often spills). The adventure starts with 3 kilometer of easy class II and III white–water, where there is plenty of opportunity to gain and practice the paddle skills required to run the lower part of the river.

A 6 kilometer section follows, and now guests have an hour or more to relax, view the abundance of bird life around, cool off with a swim the Tana is very warm in comparison rivers in the United States or Europe, (around 20C) or just work on your sun tan.

The Tana River is a drop pool river offering and exciting day of white water rafting. The adventure starts with a 3 km of easy class II and III white water, where plenty of opportunity to gain the practice of paddle skills required running the lower part of the river.

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Amboseli national park
Amboseli National Park (Day Trip from Nairobi)

Our adventures in the bush take us to spectacular Amboseli National Park. Romantically situated in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli is famous for its tremendous variety of big game.

In addition to elephant, antelope, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and Lion, Amboseli is sought after by travelers in–the–know for its breathtaking scenery and easily approachable wildlife.

Distance from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park: 265kms / 159miles. Time 4 ½ hours by road.

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hells gate national park
Hells Gate National Park (Day Trip from Nairobi)

Hell’s Gate National Park is a tiny park located between Lake Naivasha, Longonot and Suswa volcanoes and it is an ideal venue for a weekend retreat far from the urban life of Nairobi.

The park provides a variety of wildlife, unusual flora and many species of birds and is one of the two only Kenyan Parks where climbing, walking and biking are allowed.

Animals seen here include Bushbuck, Dikdik, Gazelle, Gnu, Hartebeest, Impala, Klipspringer, Buffalo, Hyrax, Zebra, Hyena, Jackal, Mongoose, Baboon, Monkey and Porcupine amongst others.

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windsor golf hotel and country club
Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club (Day Trip), Nairobi
Located barely 9 miles from Nairobi city centre, the Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club, offers a multiplicity of facilities, including an 18 hole international standard championship golf course.

Whether in Nairobi for business, pleasure or both, The Windsor offers a breathtakingly beautiful oasis of comfort and tranquility – perfect for a getaway.

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Nairobi shopping and maasai village visit
Nairobi Shopping, Packing & Shipping Assistance (Included: Transport to Shopping areas of Nairobi & Lunch)

Shopping in Nairobi, whether its clothes, books, gifts or food and drink, you can find it in Nairobi. A wide variety of shopping experiences can be found in Nairobi.

It is a good place to pick up souvenirs and handicrafts. All sorts of goods can be obtained from vendors, kiosks, boutiques, small shops, department stores, and malls.

Tour Plus Connections will provide you with:

* A qualified Nairobi City Driver

* Assisted Shopping, packing and shipping

* Lunch the City’s Best restaurant (or your choice) during the tour

* Full day Disposal Transportation to your desired shopping areas of Nairobi

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Nairobi night trail at safari park hotel
Nairobi Night Trail at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi

An evening Tour of Nairobi City with Dinner at the Safari Park Hotel, which offers a dinning Safari experience from the several restaurants available:

Chiyo (Japanese Cuisine)

La Piazzetta (Italian Cuisine)

Café Kigwa (International cuisine)

Winners Pavillion (Chinese Cuisine)

Nyama Choma Ranch (African Cuisine)

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Nairobi national museum

Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi National Museum is located at the Museum Hill, approximately 10 minutes drive from the Nairobi city centre, housing some of the most celebrated collections of history, culture and art from Kenya and East Africa.

The museum aims to interpret heritage of Kenya to stimulate appreciation and learning. This museum is open daily (including public holidays) from 0930hrs – 1800hrs. There are 5 exhibitions.

These are Human origins, Mammalian Radiation, Ecology of Kenya, Natural Diversity and Geology. Under Culture, Cycles of Life, Cultural Dynamism and Creativity. The history pillar has two exhibitions: Kenya Before 1850 and History of Kenya.

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Nairobi Animal Orphanage and Safari Walk
Nairobi Animal Orphanage and Safari Walk (KWS)

The animal orphanage is about 20 minutes drive from Nairobi’s city centre. This important educational and training facility, which is housed, in the only wildlife protected area in a capital city in the world is often home to more than 20 different animals and bird species.

Major Attraction here is Bonding with orphaned animals; up-close animal view; play with the cheetah. Wildlife available includes Lion, cheetah, hyena, jackal, serval, very rare sokoke cats, warthog, ostrich, leopard, various monkeys, baboon and buffalo.

Birds include Parrot, guinea fowl, crown crane etc

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Nairobi national park

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is located in Nairobi – as a capital city, is unique in having a wildlife park on its doorstep. Indeed the city abuts the Nairobi National Park on all but the southern perimeter so it is possible to photograph a rhino, browsing peace fully among the whistling thorn with high-rise office buildings in the backdrop.

Some of the wildlife is migratory and when vegetation and water are present outside the Park, they move out into Masai land through the unfenced southern boundary.

There is also a resident population of plains game and predators so a visit at any time of the year is a rewarding experience. Well laid out, with exceptionally well-maintained roads, the Park is a model for all others, geophysical and administratively.

Of the most popular species only the elephant is an absentee. But the rest of the Big Five: leopard, lion, buffalo and rhino – as well as a multitude of other creatures are all well represented.

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cultural Tour of Nairobi
Nairobi Cultural Experience Tour with Shopping (Full Day)

Nairobi Cultural Tour with shopping takes us to Utamaduni Arts and Crafts; located in the peaceful Nairobi suburb of Langata (with postcard views of the famous Ngong hills) Utamaduni is housed in a former homestead with an acre of lush gardens.

There are over 30 stalls selling good quality art and craft, jewelry, paintings etc. We also get to visit the African Heritage Gallery, located at the Carnivore grounds and also Kazuri Beads Cottage industry.

Lunch will be served at the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Restaurant. After lunch depart for Saigeri where the Masai Village (Manyatta) is situated. The drive takes you to Ngong Hills and then descends into the picturesque countryside.

After a brief introduction into Masai culture, you proceed to the Manyatta. Witness the warlike dance performances and inspect the Manyatta whilst interacting with the people and learning about their customs and forms of art. Depart late afternoon for Nairobi.

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Mamba Village Nairobi
Mamba Village (Nairobi Crocodile Farm) Half Day

Mamba Village Nairobi; Mamba Village Nairobi is situated an estimated 13 kilometers away from Kenya’s capital city – off the Lang’ata – Karen road.

A wide range of facilities are provided at the resort, located in a spacious and serene environment accessible by a tarmac and all-weather road. An array of leisure and outdoor activities are available to visitors of Nairobi Mamba Village. Mamba Village Nairobi recreational options include :

* Crocodile Pens

* Camel, Horse, Boat Riding

* Ostrich Park, Bird watching trail

* Man-made lake Boat Riding facilities

* Amphitheater& a Botanical Garden replete with rare exotic medicinal plants and trees

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Nairobi Railway Museum

Nairobi Railway Museum is a railway museum in Nairobi, Kenya, adjacent to Nairobi Railway Station. Railway Museum in Nairobi, located in an old Railway Building is dedicated to the history of the railroad in Kenya.

A collection of steam locomotives and rolling stock are on display including a model of the MV Liemba, built by the Germans and still in use along Lake Tanganyika.

The carriage used during the hunt for the Man-eater of Kima in 1900 is exhibited in the yard of the Railway Museum, a familiar story not unlike the Man eaters of Tsavo.

In both tales, a lion halted the construction of the railway line by attacking laborers at their camps.

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Nairobi Snake Park

Nairobi Snake Park sits adjacent to the Nairobi National Museum and is a 10 minute drive from the city. It’s a popular attraction for both local and foreign tourists and receives up to 123,000 visitors on a good year.

The Nairobi Snake Park was set up in 1961 as a research facility and breeding for reptiles and snakes. It quickly gained popularity as thousands of visitors flocked into the park to watch the numerous numbers of reptiles.

Attractions to Nairobi Snake Park include a wide range of snake species as well as: Vertebrates such as fish both marine and freshwater, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Invertebrates such as the giant snails, baboon spiders, Mombasa train millipede, crayfish, and freshwater prawns.

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Nairobi Safari Walk







Nairobi Safari Walk


Nairobi Safari Walk is a splendid conservation facility designed to enhance visitor’s appreciation of Kenya’s flora and fauna. It is a showcase of Kenya’s vast natural diversity. Nairobi Safari Walk provides visitor with an experience of Kenya’s three eco-systems namely the savannahs, forests and wetlands.

Located 7 Kilometers from Nairobi city, Nairobi Safari Walk gives visitor a clear picture of what to look forward to in Kenyan National Parks.

Visitors can walk along the raised boardwalk, through the different habitats and observe from close range the wonderful variety of wildlife in each eco-system.

The raised wood walkways provide souring views out over the shimmering stretches of savannah in the Nairobi National Park with observation points down onto waterhole’s and the wildlife that frequent them.

Meandering through 27 acres of wilderness, Safari Walk offers a neatly encapsulated walking safari.

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Nairobi Walking Tour






Nairobi Walking Tour

Nairobi Walking Tour — includes a walking Safari in Nairobi Central Business District. Nairobi city tour walking excursion includes a tasty walk of the city-in-the-sun with a local Tour Plus Connections local guide where you have ample time for close photography, bargain and diversified shopping.

Visiting the stately Parliament buildings, Kenyatta International Conference Centre and the colorful Nairobi city market lift to the top of KICC to look at Nairobi skyline can be arranged) also are Visits to Kenya National archives & Watatu art gallery.

Thereafter, a visit to the Snake Park and National Museum: “the Finest Small Museum in Africa” well known for its spell binding exhibits and displays of early man, tribal regalia and the flora and fauna of Kenya also a close visit to the botanical garden.

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Best day trip David Sheldrick, Karen Blixen and Bomas of Kenya

Best Day trip to David Sheldrick, Karen Blixen and Bomas of Kenya offers you a great opportunity to explore and learn about the cultures and exploring. They offer best activities like game watching where you view the orphaned baby elephants, cultural activities and many more.


You shall be picked at 9:30 Pm by our driver from the hotel having taken your breakfast, where by you will get a review of the journey from our staff member. You shall proceed to David Sheldrick which cares for the orphaned baby elephant ad rhinos was founded by Daphne Sheldrick. It was at the center of the poaching wars in Tsavo National park. The elephant calves orphaned by poaching are brought to David Sheldrick for care and later moved to Tsavo for introduction to wildlife. After viewing and learning about the baby elephants, you will proceed to Karen Blixen. Karen Blixen was founded by Karen. She bought the fame mainly with an aim of dairy farm and she later changed her mind and made it a coffee plantation. The house gained fame due to the release of the movie Out of Africa by Karen. After learning about Karen Blixen you shall have your lunch and later proceed to Bomas of Kenya. Bomas of Kenya offers you the opportunity to view and learn about the cultures and the way Kenyan people lived in the old ages. It represents Kenya ethnic groups. Boma is a Swahili name that means homestead, thus your able to view the traditional architectural of the Kenyans. It has a beautiful view of huts made of mud and sticks.


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